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Milestone Reached: The Vasburg Armory Now Counts 30 Members
 posted by Vindicare
Today we have accepted our 30th new member, roughly two months after re-launching the guild. It does in fact feel a lot longer than that. And given that we only had our forums (and one BWE) to meet each other, that's certainly a good thing.

Initially, this was supposed to be our secret target number where we would close recruitment until GW2 is released. But seeing how so many great individuals with interesting personalities have joined this guild, this seems rather irresponsible. So we will continue recruiting just a little longer than originally planned.

We want to thank everyone who has put their trust into our guild thus far and those who transformed our forums into the lively hub they are. Especially those early adopters who did so, when there was literally less than a handful of us. So the very special thanks are reserved for Magnamundian, Jinxsy, Artin T., Stranger and Captain who all joined within one week after vA re-opened its gates.

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