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Next Beta Weekend Starting On June 8th
 posted by Vindicare
Yesterday I was complaining, today we have an official announcement:
BWE #2 will be held from Friday, June 8th, at noon PDT (GMT-7) until Sunday, June 10th, at 11:59 p.m. PDT (GMT-7).
For us Europeans that will be from Friday 19:00 GMT (21:00 CEST) until Monday 7:00 GMT (9:00 CEST).

Your existing characters from first BWE will not be deleted, so you can pick up right where you left off after BWE #1 and the stress test.

We're looking forward to our first Beta Weekend as a guild!

This And That
 posted by Vindicare
Since A.net decided to keep on tantalizing us by not announcing a date for BWE #2, things have become rather quiet. So we make do with the smaller news bits for now.
Let's see...

Our forums have a chat box now! This should encourage informal chat and spam.

Also we'd like to welcome two new members, xyberclown from Belgium and Deluhathol from Cyprus.

And... I fear that's it for now. So let's hope the next news entry will be about the release date of GW2's second BWE.

Reserving Your Character Name For Guild Wars 2
 posted by Vindicare
Arena.Net has finally published further details on how to reserve your character names in Guild Wars 2.

As most of you know, character names in Guild Wars 1 had to consist of at least two words, whereas in GW2 your character name can only be one word. So for these one-word-names there is nothing special: These are reserved on a first come first served basis during the Headstart Access period.

However, you can reserve your character names from Guild Wars 1. To do so, you must have been logged in into GW1 at least once after January 1st, 2012. Afterwards, your character names will be reserved during Head Start access and on launch day. You have to create a character using one of your GW1 names during that period.

So on GW's first day after launch, all unused GW1 names will be made available again for everyone.

Gandara Is Our Server For GW2 BETA
 posted by Vindicare
After the stress test and the revelation that Arena.Net does indeed allow free transfers (still/again) we have settled for a common guild server for the remaining Beta Weekends (BWE).

For the remaining GW2 Beta, The Vasburg Armory will play on Gandara.

So if you want to play some WvWvW with us, you should move your Beta account to Gandara during next BWE. If not, GW2 still allows us to be in one guild, even if you are on a different Home World.

This does explicitly NOT mean that we will play on Gandara once the game goes live. A final server decision has not been made, yet.

Welcome To Our New Members
 posted by Vindicare
One week has passed since we re-launched the guild and started to recruit again, and we are proud to announce 5 8 9 10 11 (who have thought Sunday would become that busy) new members from the UK, Poland, the Netherlands, Sweden, Norway, Belgium and Germany.

Welcome to Jinxsy, Magnamundian, McRalph, Artin T., Stranger, Splitpawthanos, Captain, Eerie, Cylindrata, Duuv and Absu!

This includes three couples. So the guild family thing does indeed seem to fly.
Anyway: We're looking forward to having you in our ranks for the years to come.

GW2 Surprise Stress Test on Monday!
 posted by Vindicare
Today, Arena.Net announced a surprise stress test of GW on Monday May 14th!
    At the same time, we’re also working on server capacity to make sure that we’re prepared for the even greater flood of players who will participate in the next Beta. To that end, we’ve announced a Stress Test on Monday May 14th to test some changes we’ve implemented. This 7-hour test event, which runs from 11 AM to 6 PM PDT (-7 GMT) is open to all players who have pre-purchased Guild Wars 2. The good news is that we’re not wiping characters for this test; we’re using the same build that we used in the first Beta Weekend Event, so you’ll be able to pick up right where you left off. For more information about the Stress Test, log in to the Beta Forums. Please join us on May 14 if you can.

So unfortunately it will only last for 7 hours, but luckily it'll be during EU prime time starting at 18:00 GMT/20:00 CEST.

Problems With Accessing The Join Form
 posted by Vindicare
As it appears, some users currently can't access our join form and receive the following error message instead:
    : : [ Access Denied ] : :
    To use our membership application form you have to be a registered and logged in forum user.
    If you have not yet registered a forum account, you can do so here. Otherwise just log in first.

If you are registered and logged in while receiving the above message, you are indeed affected by a serious bug. Should this happen to you, please don't hesitate to drop us a line at our forums.

Also there was a problem with user permissions that prevented members from posting in our forums. This problem should be fixed now.

[edit] According to Magnamundian, this problem can be circumvented by logging out and in again. Obviously not a permanent solution, but for the time being it solves the problem.

Time to open the floodgates
 posted by Vindicare
After a few weeks of preparation (mainly coding & designing this website) it is finally time to officially open it up to the public. This also means that we are now officially recruiting to build up vA from scratch.

The "marketing campaign" (such as there is) will be rolled out in the next few days, which is when we expect our first membership applications.

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