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The Vasburg Armory


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Some people currently have problems accessing our membership application form, as they receive errors even though they are registered and logged in. If you cannot access the form, please apply by sending a private message to Vindicare or post an application thread in our forums.
Details can be found in this thread.

Recommended Profile

Keep in mind that the following part is just the rolemodel for an ideal candidate. Obviously you will not have to match every single point perfectly. Just take this as a friendly advise, so you don't accidently pick the wrong guild just because our homepage is sexier than others (yes, we know it is).
  • You are at least in your 20s or 30s.

  • You have a solid MMO background (preferably including DAoC, GW1 and WAR).

  • Your written language does not involve 4chan memes ("umad?") in every other line.

  • You plan on staying in Guild Wars 2 for a long time, making it your primary MMORPG.

  • Your ambitions are not too hardcore. Our approach is organized and focused, but we also like to do things in our own time.

  • You are self-sufficient and know how to get information on how things work. Being able to read a wiki goes a long way.

  • You should be a mature, sociable, laid-back personality. Take things seriously, but not TOO seriously. We are all here in our free time, and therefore it's all about having fun.

  • Being patient will help you a lot. With Guild Wars 2 as well as with The Vasburg Armory. Things are probably not exactly the way you have hoped for from the get-go. This is a long-term project, built up brick by brick. So it will probably take some time until things go the way they are supposed to.

How to apply

If you still think that we are the right guild for you, the following link will take you to our application form:

>>> Application Form <<<

Also please make sure to register at our forums.

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