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How to apply for membership in vA

Unlike most guilds nowadays, we do not handle membership applications through forum postings. Instead we have created our own own Application Form here: http://www.vasburg.net/join/join.php
To use this form, you need to be logged in with a valid forum account (sort of to use vB's solid human verification system to block out the majority of spambots).

We recommend reading our About Us and Codex sections first, so you can decide whether you and us would make for a good match.

Afterwards, we will try to process your membership application within 24 hours (thanks to the age of mobile web devices often much faster than that). If successful, you will be granted access to our private guild forum, where you may introduce yourself.

We hope to welcome you in our ranks soon.

If you can't see the membership application form, this is what we would like to know:
  • Your first name
  • Your age
  • Your current location
  • Your native language
  • Your playstyle: Casual, Achiever or Hardcore and PvP, PvE or PvX (i.e. both)
  • MMO background
  • Application text (free text field)
So if you can't use our form (a lot of people can't, so don't worry about it) just send a PM to me using the above template.
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