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User Name Reverse Sort Order Find Posts Join Date Posts Last Visit Avatar LocationHall of Monuments StatusGuild Wars 1 Character (any)[GW1] Maxed Titles RankGW2 Display NameElementalist LevelEngineer LevelGuardian LevelMesmer LevelNecromancer LevelRanger LevelThief LevelWarrior LevelFavorite GW2 ProfessionCPUVideo CardRAMHard Disk DriveMotherboardSoundMouseKeyboardHeadsetSpeakersMonitorCaseFirst NameOccupationEducationCurrently PlayingFavorite Online GamesFavorite Offline GamesMMO Background
Junior Member
find.gif 13th May 2012 21 N/A Absu's Avatar Belgium00  Absu.43602206000000003000Elementalist            Ioana bachelorDiablo 3 Skyrim, Mass Effect series, Fallout 3+NV 
Junior Member
  8th September 2012 0 8th September 2012 Aeris130's Avatar  00  John Doe.13370000000000000000None                   
Junior Member
  5th August 2012 0 5th August 2012 Albe's Avatar  00  John Doe.13370000000000000000None                   
find.gif 8th July 2012 74 23rd July 2012 Alejandro's Avatar Luxembourg00Alejandro RothschildNoneAlejandro.Rothschild.91230000000000000000ThiefAMD Phenom II Black Edition 3.4GHZ OC'ED @ 4.2GHzGTX 460 1GB OC (CROSSFIRE)Ripjaw Series 4GB DDR3         AlejandroHistorianRhode Island School of DesignMany.Guild Wars 1, Guild Wars 2Empire Total War, Rome Total WarLord of the Rings Online
Vasburg Armory
find.gif 16th May 2012 32 27th October 2012 Alexiel's Avatar Sweden00  Alexiel.45631900001600101500None                   
Junior Member
  12th May 2012 0 12th May 2012 AmindyLooni's Avatar  00  John Doe.13370000000000000000None                   
Artin T.
Vasburg Armory
find.gif 10th May 2012 147 26th October 2012 Artin T.'s Avatar Poland40Artin TelestraPeople Know Melejean.96150000000000000000Mesmer            Michał StudentGW1GW1, WoW, CabalDivine Divinity, Beyond Divinity, Gorasul, Icewind Dale, Baldur's GateGuild Wars
Junior Member
  14th August 2012 0 14th August 2012 Arturin's Avatar  00  John Doe.13370000000000000000None                   
Vasburg Armory
  8th September 2012 0 10th September 2012 Ashdrake's Avatar  00  John Doe.13370000000000000000None                   
Vasburg Armory
find.gif 6th August 2012 22 16th November 2012 Azorr's Avatar UK00  Azorr.93620000000000000031Warrior                  Lord of the Rings Online
Junior Member
  21st September 2012 0 21st September 2012 B1MBLE's Avatar  00  John Doe.13370000000000000000None                   
Vasburg Armory
  2nd September 2012 0 4th September 2012 Balthazar's Avatar Sweden00  FindThatCamper.10860000000000000000WarriorIntel Core i5 480MNvidia GeForce GT 540M4GB DDR3500GBUnknownOnboardLogitech G400Built-inAstro A40Built-inBuilt-in MarcusStudent.Arts Program.Guild Wars 2.Guild Wars 1 & 2.Fire Emblem.Planetside, Guild Wars
Junior Member
  3rd September 2012 0 3rd September 2012 Barlyna's Avatar  00  John Doe.13370000000000000000None                   
Vasburg Armory
find.gif 5th August 2012 76 21st September 2012 Berg's Avatar The Netherlands16Apollo ArrowheadNoneKaru.62910000000000000000None               Nothing atm  Guild Wars, RIFT
Vasburg Armory
find.gif 12th May 2012 121 22nd October 2012 Captain's Avatar The Netherlands22Faramir TreecaptainNoneCaptain.31700000020000300000Guardian            AriesStudent League of LegendsGW1Kingdom Hearts seriesGuild Wars
Junior Member
  30th June 2012 0 30th June 2012 Crying's Avatar  00  John Doe.13370000000000000000None                   
Junior Member
  13th May 2012 0 15th May 2012 Cylindrata's Avatar Norway00  John Doe.13370000000000000000None                   
Junior Member
  13th August 2012 0 13th August 2012 DaBoat's Avatar  00  John Doe.13370000000000000000None                   
Vasburg Armory
find.gif 25th July 2012 3 11th November 2012 DarAlaus's Avatar Lithuania27DAr Alaus DarAlaus.97230000060608000000Necromanceri5intel hd30008 Gb500MbFujitsuusb headsetLX3 Logitechfrom laptopLogitech USB(disconected)laptop 17'Fujitsu laptopLinasengineeruniversity degreeGW1COH, DoW, DiabloBioshockGuild Wars
Junior Member
  22nd July 2012 0 22nd July 2012 darkmelkor's Avatar  00  John Doe.13370000000000000000None                   
Vasburg Armory
find.gif 28th May 2012 36 26th September 2012 Deluhathol's Avatar Cyprus00  Deluhathol.74230000000000000000None            AntonisGraphic DesignMechanical Engineering StudentDiablo IIIWorld of Warcraft, Guild WarsFootball Manager, Deus Ex, Gears of WarLineage II, Guild Wars, Age of Conan, Warhammer Online, Aion, RIFT
Vasburg Armory
find.gif 5th August 2012 34 18th November 2012 Dere's Avatar Netherlands00  Dere.42180000000000000000NoneIntel i7 920Gigabyte GTX560 ti OC8gb Corsair Vengeance pc12800Samsung 830 series 256GB SSDGigabyte EX58 UD3R socket 1366OnboardRazer Imperator gaming 2012Corsair K90 MMO keyboardLogitech 20" TFT panelAntec Gamersgear 900 seriesMarnixDocument management consultantInternational Business & Languages LOTRO, DAOC, GW2 Dark Age of Camelot, Lord of the Rings Online
Junior Member
  20th September 2012 0 30th September 2012 DesertRose's Avatar  00  John Doe.13370000000000000000None                   
Vasburg Armory
find.gif 7th June 2012 24 15th October 2012 Digicall's Avatar UK00  Digicall.78100000000000000000Necromancer      LogitechLogitechLogitechLogitech  JackyStudentContemporary Theatre   Guild Wars
Junior Member
find.gif 13th May 2012 11 17th August 2012 Duuv's Avatar Belgium00  Duuv.64270002090000270030Ranger            Karel  Lol/D3GW2  
find.gif 13th May 2012 43 10th June 2012 Eerie's Avatar Norway18A Lucky CatNoneJohn Doe.13370000000000000000Elementalist            Kaisa  Guild Wars 1   
Junior Member
  11th June 2012 0 11th June 2012 Elithian's Avatar Belgium00  John Doe.13370000000000000000None                   
Junior Member
  5th August 2012 0 5th August 2012 Ellzy's Avatar Essex, England00  Ellzy.68090000000000000000Necromancer                  Guild Wars
Junior Member
  17th July 2012 0 20th July 2012 Enzo's Avatar Poland, Szczecin00  John Doe.13370000000000000000WarriorAMD Athlon II X4 635 @ 3GHzNvidia GeForce 250GTS DK @ 750/1840Kingston HyperX 4GB DDR3 1600MHzSeagate Barracuda 250GBASROCK N68C-GS UCCIntegratedA4TECH X7 XG-760 WirelessLogitech Y-RAJ56ACreative HS-420 LG Flatron 24" MichaelProgrammer / Indie Game DeveloperI'm learning myselfGuild Wars 2Call of Duty Modern Warfare, World of WarcraftGemini Rue 
Vasburg Armory
find.gif 25th June 2012 1 24th August 2012 eseck's Avatar Lithuania00  eseck.15460000000000000000None                   
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