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  1. How to apply for membership in vA
  2. Server/Home World yet to be determined (it won't be Vasburg)
  3. Surprise Stress Test on Monday, 14th!
  4. Meaning of The Vasburg Armory
  5. Hello all!
  6. What to expect of vA for today's stress test
  7. Gandara is our official guild beta server (for now)
  8. The Home World (Server) Choice: Preliminary Round 1 - Refining The List By Exclusion
  9. The vA UEFA EURO 2012 Prediction League Game: Win a GW2 CE key!
  10. The Official BWE #2 Thread
  11. VOIP: Which solution do you prefer and why?
  12. Discussion: VOIP only for organized group play
  13. Temporary Server Move To Lakeside County
  14. BWE#2 Ascalon Catacombs dungeon run
  15. Thoughts on GW2 so far
  16. Second GW2 Stress Test On June 27th
  17. Finally!!!11
  18. Guild Wars 2 Soundtrack Now Available.
  19. Guild Wars 2 Gaming Peripherals Giveaway
  20. CONFIRMED: Sylvari & Asura Playable BWE3
  21. GW2 sPvP coverage (e-sport)
  22. Guild Wars 2: ArenaNet Office Tour Video
  23. Milestone Reached: The Vasburg Armory Now Counts 30 Members
  24. The Official BWE #3 Thread
  25. Guild Wars 2: First Level 80 BWE Player @ 88 Hours
  26. Guild Wars 2 Race Cinematics Released
  27. Cleaning up the roster (Inactive people should read this)
  28. Signatures are like Karaoke
  29. Cannot Log in
  30. I am currently "guildless"
  31. Still a lot of problems with the guild system
  32. Ascalonian Catacombs