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Vindicare Portrait Founder and Webmaster of the Vasburg Armory, formerly known as Excidium and The Omega Circle. Having been among the first 300 Closed Alpha Testers of Guild Wars 1, his passion for A.Net's franchise has a long tradition. [View Profile]
Axiom Portrait Honorary Officer of the Vasburg Armory and long-term Internet friend of Vindicare with irregular activity bursts due to his unstable real-life situation. He is - by all accounts - a true madman, and that's what we love him for. [View Profile]

PositionGuild HandleGW2 HandleLocationAgeProfile
Guild LeaderVindicareSpaced Invader.182331View Profile
Guild OfficerAxiomAxiom.142836View Profile
Guild MemberAlexielAlexiel.456332View Profile
Guild MemberArtin T.lejean.961524View Profile
Guild MemberAshdrakeJohn Doe.133729View Profile
Guild MemberAzorrAzorr.936228View Profile
Guild MemberBalthazarFindThatCamper.108622View Profile
Guild MemberBergKaru.629139View Profile
Guild MemberCaptainCaptain.317023View Profile
Guild MemberDarAlausDarAlaus.972342View Profile
Guild MemberDeluhatholDeluhathol.742327View Profile
Guild MemberDereDere.421841View Profile
Guild MemberDigicallDigicall.781027View Profile
Guild Membereseckeseck.154631View Profile
Guild MemberGalahndurGalahndur.302840View Profile
Guild MemberGezGez.413841View Profile
Guild MemberHaloHalo.240337View Profile
Guild MemberKurinkujiNyctophobia.153229View Profile
Guild MemberMcRalphMcRalph.804735View Profile
Guild MemberMervinasMervinas.948242View Profile
Guild MemberNabuko DarayonNabuko Darayon.964528View Profile
Guild MemberNakuJohn Doe.133737View Profile
Guild MemberOur BloodNeyensb.258127View Profile
Guild MemberShadéllAradhell.834726View Profile
Guild MemberStrangerTimgrez.354730View Profile
Guild Memberumbraticusumbraticus.528925View Profile
Guild MemberVikirdPolekos.842721View Profile
Guild Memberxyberclownxyberclown.239824View Profile
Guild MemberZkartsZkarts.623123View Profile

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