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. [ Codex ]

As we try to gather people with a certain degree of maturity, there should be no need for a strict set of rules.
However, to prevent misunderstandings and to have an official common ground for future reference (should the need arise), we have established this Codex.
Most of its contents should be obvious and self-explanatory.

  1. Principles

    • Everything in this Codex should rather be considered as a guideline than as a regulation or limitation. We are all in this guild voluntarily. Thus no "Leader" or "Officer" is going to nanny you.
      However, keep in mind that every action or statement by a single guild member will be associated with our whole guild by others.

    • Hence try and treat other players with at least a minimum of respect. Do not openly insult other people, even if you think that they would deserve it. /ignore is one of the most powerful commands GW2. We do know that even the most mature and relaxed person cannot always keep their cool in a PvP environment. However, you should try and minimize the amount of your emotional outbursts for the sake of our guild's reputation.

    • We do not tolerate the use of cheats, hacks, exploits (or any other unauthorized ways to manipulate the game) by our members.

    • Memberships in other Guild Wars 2 guilds (with alternative characters) should be avoided.

    • We officially communicate in English.

    • We officially do not communicate in 4chan speak. umad?

  2. Requirements & Recommendations

    • For WvW purposes, you are required to share our Home World (server).

    • We are an EU-based guild. Hence our members should play/be available during common GMT/CET times. That aside, it does not matter where you are actually from.

    • A Guild can only survive with active members. So our members should show a certain degree of activity and log into the game at least 2-3 times per week (averagely and under normal circumstances; of course we do accept exceptions if a member simply does not find the time to play for a certain period of time as real life always comes first).

    • Our members have to register at our forums. Furthermore, we will assume that every major announcement made through our forums is known to you.

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